About Us

                                                   Who We Are

Calle 11 is hostel full of love. It’s a home away from home. It’s gorgeous and stunning and warm and friendly. It’s full of relaxing spaces and cool people. More than anything though, is that it is real and genuine. We get to know each customer by name, learn about their trip and help them plan their next steps. That’s the Calle 11 way!

Built in the Late 70’s by a local architect, the inspiration was to create a grand building representing the Greek style popular at the time. Hidden from the street and not giving away any of what Calle 11 has to offer, the stunning layout reveals itself in its exceptional architecture and gorgeous gardens as you enter and climb the stairs.

Calle 11 is a family. Every person that works at Calle 11 becomes part of the family. From Felix the Fat Cat CEO to Loki the crazy house dog, everyone has come from different paths with different stories, but together we form part of the Calle 11 family. We are proud to say that we think we have the best team in Santa Marta. When a customer asks for a recommendation, we strive to give the best suited response to meet their needs. When drinks get spilled, the cleaning team are right onto it; thanks to their amazing work ethic, they keep the floors clean and the venue immaculate. Jhon the night watchmen, work tirelessly to make sure the hostel is ready for action bright and early each day. Felix the kitty gets to know each and every guest in her own personal way. Loki the house dog gives out lovin’ to everyone who has a little food in their hands. The team we have is the heart of Calle 11. Take a moment, say “Hola” and get to know us.

Meet Our Family



Top Dog / Owner

There’s no romantic story about how I ended up at Calle 11. No crazy Colombian girl I fell in love with. No story where I ended up in jail here. Instead I had a friend who owned it previously and like all Backpackers at heart I had the dream to own a hostel one day of my own. Having travelled Colombia back in 2006 the seed was planted that this country had an amazing energy, people with passion and a landscape that changed at every turn. When the opportunity arose to take over Calle 11 Hostel at the start of 2018 I realised a lifelong dream and have since constructed (nearly) every timber piece of furniture you see. My vision has been to create one of the most beautiful hostels to immerse yourself in when you come to South America. You might find me sharing a cuddle with Loki, behind the Big Boss’s desk in reception, sipping on one of our delicious cocktails at the bar or in the Garage working on the next timber project. Say Hi, spread some love and get to know the real story!


My name is Jessica Duarte, I’m from Santa Marta and I study international business. I like to read and watch movies, I’m fan of las puestas de sol. I choose to work here for the facility it gives me to meet and socialize with other people and knowing their culture. Calle 11 Hostal allow me to realize all these personal goals with people full of histories and experiences. I have everyday in Calle 11, the opportunity to talk different languages, get to know new people and work on my profesional skills.



I am just a guy that enjoys walking, talking, hanging, and living on the moment. I enjoy the simple life, a coffee in the morning, meeting somebody new talking and getting to know them and there life. So just come by and have a nice cup of joe.


Night Watchman

Complete with the Colombian Military haircut and authority to keep the bad guys out, Jhon our Night watchman cleans up after the party, takes care of the wonderful garden we have, keeps the pool crystal clear and makes sure we are ready to go again the next day. He has a wonderful family and loves to go to the beach. He has won several in house staff competitions, the last one being “Día del Aguacero” (first day of rain for the year).


The House Dog

Picked up while searching for timber at the timber yard as an 8 month old pup, Loki has since had a massive lifestyle change. Fun loving and always looking for trouble, Loki has since constructed his own house and subsequently opened up his own bar on the side. Things haven’t been going great at his bar as we don’t receive too many dog guests, so he has resorted to befriending guests in an attempt to receive kind donations of food (dominos cheesy crust pizza preferably). Around 6pm each night commences Loki’s hour of power where he releases all his built up energy and runs 100km an hour around the hostel. Say hi to him, give him some love and take him for a walk to the beach when you stay.  (And don’t forget the Dominos Cheesy crust pizza) .


Cleaning Team

My name is Masly and I have two beautiful daughters. In my free time I like to go to the beach or to church with them. I am friendly with the guests and I like to know and hear their stories about other places in the world. I have been working in the hostel for 2 years, I love plants and I love playing with the cat. I like to talk and laugh with my boss and my co-workers. My favorite phrase is “yo te iba a decir”. 


Fat Cat/ CEO

Felix the cat was taken in from the street as a kitten. Since taking over her reign at the hostel she has become very comfortable at Calle 11. During the day she can be found sleeping in the most inconvenient positions in reception, obscuring every passer by’s attempt to check-in. At night she roams the hostel and can be seen in all corners, attempting surprise attacks on guests, or sneaking into their bedrooms to share a bit of  love. Like all true felines, she is obsessively independent, but adorable in her surprising gestures. Her title of CEO represents “Cat Empress Obsessed”



I’m Orista. I’m 30 years old and I’m the mother of a beautiful 8-year-old girl. I work at Calle 11 preparing breakfasts on weekends. I love cooking, going to the beach and joking with my co-workers.